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What Is Brothers Johnson 1929 Hat Co.

Brothers Johnson 1929 Hat Co. was established in loving memory of Dr. William Mylious Johnson Jr..

Dr. William Mylious Johnson Jr. was a man who wore many hats in fashion, faith and fatherhood. His stylish flare was birthed out of the heart of Harlem, New York, New York where he went from light weight boxing champion to a notable preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The crowns of his accomplishments were his two sons Ashley J. and William Mylious III. With the love and support of his wife Celeste Ashe Johnson he raised his sons to uphold a heritage of strength, loyalty and distinction. Brothers Johnson 1929 commemorates the progressive character and class of individuals who like Dr. William M. Johnson wear many hats and live lives of distinction.

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Brothers Johnson 1929 Hat Co.

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